More About Gralendar

The Group Calendar, Gralendar!

Define the members of your group – parents, kids, nanny, grandparents, friends, co-workers, study mates. Everyone in your group can see your Gralendar. Choose to let everyone add and modify the Gralendar, or limit it to a select few. It’s up to you!

View events just for one person, or see events for the whole family at one time. Sort, search, find conflicts, arrange transportation, team up, carpool, all is possible once you have a group calendar to work with.

Cross Platform

You have an iPhone. Your spouse and kids have Android phones. Your parents have a desktop computer from last century. No problem! Anyone can add to, update, and view the family’s calendar on any device. Use the tablet in the kitchen in the morning, your work computer while in the office, your iPhone while out during the evening, and the home computer at night.

The Gralendar Open API

Gralendar is more than just a shared group calendar application. It’s an open API that any developer can use to integrate Gralendar’s functions into their website, desktop application, phone app, or any other place that Gralendar’s functions can be of use. Think of it like Facebook Connect. If you trust an application, give it permission to access your Gralendar and let it add to or display your Gralendar information right within their app or web site. The sky is the limit as to what innovative applications can be made using the Gralendar infrastructure. Shockingly, I may not come up with every brilliant use of the technology. Let others have at it!

Oh, did I mention that the API is absolutely free to use. No royalties, maintenance fees, or subscription needed. Everyone can integrate Gralendar into their own apps and web sites!

The Gralendar Icon

Imagine having a Gralendar icon, like the Facebook icon, present on any web site where you viewing an event, meeting notice, or evite that you want to add to your calendar. Just click the icon and voilà, it is added automatically. No opening and logging in to your calendar application, finding the right day, and typing in the event description. Just click and you’re done. That’s the power of the Gralendar API! Oh, and everyone in your family/group can see it too. Wait, there’s a conflict? Know right now. Amazing!

Email Anyone?

You get an email from your son’s basketball coach stating that practice has changed from Thursday evening to the following Monday. How are you going to remember that? Utilize your photographic memory? Write it down on a scrap of paper? Find your phone and open its calendar app, oh wait, you’re reading the email on your phone, so quickly memorize the change, exit the email program, find and start calendar app, find the old date, delete it, find the new date, type in the info, wait, what was the time again? How about forwarding the email to Gralendar and it figures out the change for you. Magic? Not quite. If Gralendar can’t figure it out, it will email you back asking you for what’s missing. Hit reply with the info and you’re done.

Texting Too!

Get a text message reminder 15 minutes before your daughter needs to be picked up from softball practice. Or maybe it’s your husband’s turn to do the pickup. He’ll get the text message reminder – there’s no need for you to remind him. Gralendar takes care of it all!

Daily Schedule

How about getting an email every morning with the day’s activities for everyone in the family? Easy and done! Did someone else make a change? Maybe your daughter’s afterschool activity is going late tonight. She makes a quick change to the family Gralendar during the day and you get notified via email or push message about the change. No need to wait outside the school for an extra half hour.

Multiple Gralendars

Gralendar at work. You’re covered! View and manage separate Gralendars. Have a @MyFamily Gralendar, and a @MyBookClub Gralendar. Or maybe you’re the head of the school’s soccer league. How about a @MyTownSoccer Gralendar. Easily pick and choose who gets to see them.

Follow Public Gralendars

It’s like following someone on Twitter. Individuals or groups can publish their Gralendar and make it public for all to see. Sports teams, rock bands, your church, the local school orchestra, anyone can create a public Gralendar. Subscribe to their Gralendar and copy over events you plan to attend, or be notified when changes are made. It’s so easy!

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