Developer Information

This section of the site will be dedicated to giving developers all the documentation they need to access the gralendar APIs. There are three ways to access Gralendar information for a user:

  • Simple javascript that links to a user's Gralendar. Just drop the code into your website and you are good to go! This is great for imbedding a Gralendar into your website with no programming whatsoever.
  • The Gralendar icon. Use this, with a simple link, to give users of your website (or application) the ability to add events to their Gralendar. This is great if you have an app or site that is showing event information that you want users to be able to add into their Gralendar with a single click. Now they will be automatically kept up date on your events!
  • REST APIs. For deep integration or to create your own unqiue features, get full access to all of Gralendar's functions via the REST APIs. Easy to use, the APIs give you full control over the user's experience. Create innovative application features such as group scheduling, event conflict resolution, detailed notifications, and more. Or, just create a new UI into the Gralendar system. It's all possible.

The APIs are under development now. Want to get more involved, or get a sneak peek into the details of the APIs? Check out my Kickstarter project above on how.