Tour - Introduction


At its core, gralendar allows you to create a named calendar and choose who to share it with. Limit some of those people to viewing only, while others can be given the ability to add to or change it. For example, you may want your parents to see what the kids are up to, but your spouse needs to be able to add new events. If your child is old enough, you may want him or her to be able to make changes to the gralendar as well. Or maybe you are in a Rock Band that is going out on Tour. Create a Gralendar with your tour dates and make it public. Now anyone can see your schedule, and import a date into their own Gralendar if they plan to see you perform.

In a sense, sharing a Gralendar works a lot like twitter. You can make a Gralendar public, or choose those who can see it. People then follow your Gralendar, seeing what you are planning. They can get automatic updates when your Gralendar changes.

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