What is Gralendar?

Gralendar (Group Calendar) is a simple to use, yet powerful cloud-based calendar that you can access from anywhere and at any time. In addition, you can share the calendar with others (family, coworkers, everyone in the world!) so that they know what you are up to.

The Problem
I'm a father of 4 busy children, all who have numerous activities and events. You should see our wall calendar, all color coded and containing not quite everything that's going on! Most of our friends around town are in the same boat, and looking for a good way to keep all the kids events organized and have both parents, nannies, and grandparents up to date on when and where everything is happening. Sure, there are all kinds of calendar solutions out there from companies like Google and Microsoft, not to mention the myriad of calendar apps found in the Apple app store and android marketplace. But even with all those solutions, nobody I know is successfully using a shared calendar that everyone in the family can update and view from home, work, or around town. They are either too hard to use, don’t have the right features, or don’t work on all the various devices that different family members have. I want to change that.

The Solution
So this is what I want to do – create a group calendar system that allows everyone in the family to add, view, and update events. Events can be after-school activities, weekend birthday parties, sports practices, parents night out, PTO meetings, vacations, anything! Events can be associated with everyone in the family, assigned to one specific person, or just a select few. But that’s just the start. Read on.